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Jo Clarke


A journey to trust and self-belief... join Trevor in his adventure as he discovers his incredible gift. Share the magic of his journey as he learns we can achieve anything – when we really, really want to.


Falconer, writer & presenter of CITV’s Wild World, script consultant and copywriter, Jo's passion for conservation and wildlife inspires Trevor's story. Jo lives in the Kent countryside with a variety of animals.


Jo loves visiting schools to give interactive workshops on creative writing, wildlife conservation and how to make a difference. Please email for details of 2022-2023 availability.


"Thank you so much for all your hard work at JKS yesterday.  We all loved meeting you and I have had lots of positive feedback from the other English teachers.  You were saying just the right sort of things to support them in their teaching of creative writing.  I also keep having little figures appearing in the library and asking if they can have their copies of Spellboda yet.  “Not until Monday!  You’ll have to be patient to see what happens to Trevor…”

Nigel Cox
Junior Kings School


"Don't let life happen, make it happen. 

And then, live it in colour"

Clem Grainger